Website Development. 5 reasons to choose Zimbotech.

The market landscape is changing and this is happening really fast. In 2000, E-Commerce was still a myth, nobody believed that one day business would virtually be done online. As a business, to survive in this day and age, it is not a secret that you should have a website. A website is the first pot of call and is the digital representation of your brand. And for your Zimbabwean website to stand above those of your competitors, you need it to be backed by a professional company with top class website development consultants.

If your site is not professionally designed, you risk losing potential customers. A website should not only disseminate information but it should exhibit trust. It’s vital to know that nowadays, your customers are evaluating you long before they have made their purchasing decision. So, if your site is not optimized and designed to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, then you will lose out and, trust me, that can be disastrous to your brand.

So for all your Website Design needs in Zimbabwe, this is what Zimbotech can do;

1. Custom Website Development.

We believe that every business is unique and therefore, the website should be unique also. We have come across different websites that are not a reflection of what they represent or are purporting to represent. One thing you’ll not like is to have your Zimbabwean Website for a School to be designed like it’s meant for on online magazine. It’s bad for professionalism. So, at Zimbotech, we’ll consult and deliver the site accordingly in a way  in which the site will resonate with what the brand represents.

2. Interface.

When designing our websites, there are two things we consider, User Experience and User Interface. Most website designs that we’ve seen in Zimbabwe pay no regard to these things. There should be something about your website that will make the customer enjoy being on it. Also, your site should be easy to navigate, the graphics should be easy to use and the colors should communicate. Have you ever wondered why Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all use the color blue? Because colors communicate. Put brown on any site and you’ll scare your customers away, trust us on this.

3. Updates.

The internet is like a moving vehicle going at 180km/hr. When it comes to the Web, what was a hit yesterday might not be a hit today. At Zimbotech, we always try to stay on top of industry news. So if you work with us, your site will always be up to date. If you have a regularly updated website in Zimbabwe, you will be in the top 10 percent as most people rarely do this. At Zimbotech, we always say, “Your website is your child, you should continually look after it.”

4. SEO

What’s SEO(Search Engine Optimization)? This is a method we use at Zimbotech and is used all over the world to make websites receive great rankings on search engines. A website must be designed in such a way that it complies with the rules of SEO and we do just that at Zimbotech. Whenever someone goes on google to look for your business and what you are offering, your site should appear on the first page, if not, then you’re doomed as no one cares about page 2. So at Zimbotech, we design your website in such a way that if someone in Zimbabwe or anywhere searches for a product you offer, you’ll easily be located by the search engines and proudly appear on the first page of google search.

5. We always Deliver

One thing about us is; we don’t joke around with time or projects. We always deliver and in delivering we make sure that your website has all of the above functionalities incorporated into it. Once we take on a project, the relationship becomes a partnership as your project will become a lifetime project. We will always keep you up to date on industry news and we’ll be sure to help you stay on top of your competition.

This is us and if you are interested in our website development services, say hi.


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