Big Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

Each industry requires its own marketing tactics. While that is true, there are also some universal rules that you need to follow. If you’re in the healthcare industry then there are some key mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to marketing.

Here we take a look at the biggest errors. Avoiding them will help your business thrive and avoid wasting valuable time and money. 

Not doing your research

You shouldn’t do any form of marketing without first doing some research. An aimless marketing strategy is a sure way to fail. You need to know who you should be targeting and with what sort of media.

For example, aiming to attract young customers by advertising in a local newspaper isn’t a great idea. Targeting them via social media, however, would have a much higher chance of success.
You need to know all about the demographics that you should be targeting with different services. You should also research your local area, ways you can market and work out how effective different strategies would be. 

Not focusing on customer retention

Much of marketing is based on attracting new customers. This is of high importance but often healthcare marketers can forget about their current customer base. Focusing on them can lead to a much higher chance of repeat custom.

Getting previous customers on a mailing/email list can give you wonderful marketing opportunities. You can even offer loyalty schemes and discounts.

However you want to market, don’t presume that those who’ve used your services will use them again. Repeat custom can be hugely profitable for many businesses and the healthcare industry is no different. 

Not developing a brand

There is a misconception that branding is for the likes of shoe companies, restaurants and tech giants. The truth is that every single company needs a strong brand. A brand is how your company is seen by others and without good branding, your business will be forgettable.

A strong logo is a great place to start and you can make one for free here. You also want to think about having a slogan, consistent color scheme and a mission statement. A great brand leads to higher customer loyalty and consumer trust. Don’t forget about it.

Not using social media

Social media isn’t just about memes, jokes and viral content. It’s becoming an important way for people to communicate with a business. It gives them an easy way to get in touch and therefore is an important part of your customer service strategy.

It helps you deal with any negative publicity while also giving the impression you care about your customers. Meanwhile, you can use social media to highlight the great work you do along with positive stories about your customers’ healthcare journey.

Facebook can be a great way to communicate, Twitter is a great place to promote your services and LinkedIn is perfect for attracting new employees. There are plenty of others but you don’t have to do them all, focus on what you can manage. 

Not getting reviews

When people are looking for a healthcare provider, they need to know that they are going to be looked after. It’s a nervous time for many and hearing any negative reviews can make them look elsewhere for their care.

If customers love what you do, you need to make sure the whole world knows it. Giving them a business card after their care and asking them to leave a comment on Google or a directory is a simple way to get more reviews.
You can even incentivize them with offers or a competition entry. Positive online reviews are an incredibly powerful way to get free advertising.

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